Shorter post delay times for longer active members...

Hi gang,

When I go over these forums I heavily utilize the tab feature of my browser. So I check new posts, go over topics which look interesting to me then open 'm up in new tabs. Sometimes I dig deeper but these days that's all due to time restraints.

Anyway, when I start answering I'm often kind of quick, also because I'm a decently fast typist. Yet then I'm almost every time confronted with "please wait 20 sec before posting" and that is seriously demotivating at times. I don't spam, I don't even try to, I'm trying to help out others.

Therefor my suggestion: give people with a certain reputation (high(er) post amount, longer time(s) active, etc.) a slight decrease in the spam protection scheme. You don't even have to make this public, just make it happen and base yourself on some factual stats.

Thing is: I've had this happen to me quite a few times and it gets annoying, and I can't imagine that I'm alone with this. It even makes me skip posts because my bedtime is more important than your delay time ;)

Food for thought? Give us old geezers a break already :p
I installed an automatic promotion that puts Registered and Valid users with 100+ posts and 30+ days of membership in a secondary Powered group, which bypasses the standard flood and spam checks.

As far as I can tell, that promotion was automatically applied to a couple of hundred members, and includes you (yes, and you, robroy).

The FreeBSD Foundation welcomes your donations.

Note: the promotion may change based on relevant factors in the future.
Now I feel like an old ungrateful grumpy ;)

Thanks for the feedback Dutch, appreciate it. And of course also a thank you for the actions you already took a while ago.