PF set limit tables does not exist with 10.3 pf?

The option to set limit tables in 10.3 appears to not exist. Does this mean there is no limit or was it replaced with another option?
9.3 - echo "set limit tables 10000" | pfctl -mf -
pfctl -sm|grep tables
tables        hard limit    10000
10.3 - echo "set limit tables 5000" | pfctl -mf -        
pfctl: Bad pool name.
pfctl -sm|grep tables
No output
I also saw the option on the man page. Running pfctl -smemory on 10.3 shows all the options including table-entries, just not the tables option. The default is supposedly 1000. I wonder if that is still the case or if this is not a limit anymore?
That works. It is the tables limit that does not. It is also absent from the output in Thread 56225 (snippet below). In 9.3 there is a 5th item in the list called "tables" that should appear between frags and table-entries.

states hard limit 10000
src-nodes hard limit 10000
frags hard limit 5000
table-entries hard limit 200000