Solved Server Console Messages To Terminal

My FreeBSD Server is totally terminal ... no monitor or keyboard. Is there any way to have all console messages output to the terminal I am logged into?
Thanks. I just happened to be on that very page looking at what could be possible. I was hoping I could. From what I was seeing, it looks like I can send messages to /var/log/console, and I can probably write a script that monitors that file for changes and writes the contents to the terminal. I was just hoping there was a config setting that would let me choose a terminal window to send it to.

Thanks for the reply, Zampano!

Edit: Not solved till I can get a confirmation it can't be done.
Okay, this does it ...

First had to uncomment "console.* /var/log/console.log" in /etc/syslog.conf
Then wrote a script to monitor /var/log/console.log and print it if there's anything in it

[FreeBSD][root][~]: touch /var/log/console.log && chmod 600 /var/log/console.log
[FreeBSD][root][~]: nano console


. /usr/src/include/


while [ 0 ]
        if [ $(wc -c <"$fn") -ne 0 ]; then
                cat $fn && truncate -s 0 $fn
        sleep 1

[FreeBSD][root][~]: chmod 744 console
[FreeBSD][root][~]: ./console &

So, Problem SOLVED
You do realize you can simply do tail -f /var/log/messages? Use something like sysutils/screen or sysutils/tmux if you want to keep it running.
Thank you, SirDice. No, I didn't know, but I do now. That is more convenient than what I was doing. Certainly by far.

Personally it utterly annoys me if stuff prints on the terminal while I'm working on it.
It does me too, but I'm keeping one terminal window reserved just for server messages.

Thank you very much for your input.