Sendmail stopped working

Not sure if this is in the right forum section, but I figured since sendmail is included in base I might as well post this here.

Since a few weeks my dmesg is filling up with messages caused by the periodic scripts:

pid 98602 (sendmail), uid 0: exited on signal 10

It's unable to send mails to root. Running these commands manually:

nas# sendmail
Bus error
nas# mailq
Bus error

Did some searching and Bus error can indicate hardware malfunction. Did an fsck in single user mode, checked the HDD's health (no bad sectors) and did a memory test. The system is running other processes just fine (samba, MySQL, etc)

What could be causing this issue?

nas# freebsd-version 
I remember to test sendmail with some flags, so you can may be get more out fromitwht happens.
A description of these flags can be found in man sendmail.
I had try these commands to test it some time ago:
sendmail -bt
-bt Run in address test mode. This mode reads addresses and shows
the steps in parsing; it is used for debugging configuration
sendmail -bt -d21.4
Set the debugging flag for category to level. Category is
either an integer or a name specifying the topic, and level an
integer specifying the level of debugging output desired.
Higher levels generally mean more output. More than one flag
can be specified by separating them with commas. A list of
numeric debugging categories can be found in the TRACEFLAGS file
in the sendmail source distribution.
The option -d0.1 prints the version of sendmail and the options
it was compiled with.
Most other categories are only useful with, and documented in,
sendmail's source code.
sendmail -bt -d21.4 -D test.log
-D logfile
Send debugging output to the indicated log file instead of
stdout. An then check this with less test.log
My idea is that you can see so more steps until it comes to that error.

Also I found these:
8.12.3 may cause a bus error on some OSs if the environment variable NAME is set. Either upgrade to the latest version or apply this patch.