Solved Script tutorial recommendation

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I was wondering whether you could recommend a source for a basic introduction to scripting. By basic I mean something written for not smart beginners, i.e., with a gradual learning curve and lots of examples.

I need to write a script that will accept a name of a folder and a password, compress and encrypt each sub-folder on only the first level inside the folder by 7z(1), check that the operation was successful at each of the sub-folders and if the check is positive moves to another sub-folder, else throws an error message.

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For some reason I am getting that is currently down

This is my short list but I am partial (I consider BASH as broken again shell and I don't use C shell).

An Introduction to the UNIX shell by Stephen Bourne
Unix Shell Programming, Third Edition by Stephen G. Kochan, Patrick Wood
Classic Shell Scripting by Nelson H.F. Beebe, Arnold Robbins
Learning the Korn Shell, First Edition by Bill Rosenblatt (2nd edition was published after Bill passed away and it is far worse than the fist edition)
New KornShell Command And Programming Language, The (2nd Edition) by David Korn