UFS Rsync a 365GB folder to a 450+GB (UFS formatted) disk - won't fit


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So I'm trying to backup a folder with subfolders to another disk and it won't fit.

I used rsync -aiv --delete /mysrc /mydest. There are no links (symlinks or hardlinks) of any sorts on the source.

I ran du -d 1 -h on the the source, 1 subfolder is around 195GB but after transferring it to the destination, it now occupies 260+GB according to du -d 1 -h.

As such, I cannot fit 365GB source folder into the 450+GB (formatted size) disk.

Both drives are formatted as UFS. Any ideas on the huge discrepancy?

I've attached a dmesg output for the 2 disks involved.

Thanks a lot :)

edit. I just tried copying another subfolder using cp -av to a new disk (320GB). According to du -d 1 -h, the folder occupies around 144GB on the source. But when I ran the same command on the destination, it uses around 165GB.




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You might try using the -H flag to preserve hard links with rsync(1) otherwise you'll have separate files for each link.

I haven't used rsync(1) for some time as I use ZFS on everything now but I think the following command should give you an exact copy of the source on the destination: rsync -az -H --delete --progress --numeric-ids /source /destination

The --delete option should delete any extra data on the destination that isn't in the source and the --numeric-ids option should preserve file permissions on the destination.


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It really does sound like links, but mrjayviper said there weren't any. Have the default values for the second filesystem been overridden, so it is using larger blocks or something?