I was going to make a comment that FreeBSD 2 *also* received a new release relatively late, but then I discovered:

> 2.2.9-RELEASE was released April 1, 2006 as a fully functional April Fools' Day prank

I've been believing a April fool's prank for almost 11 years :-/
Very cool project. I looked for some pic32 powered boards, thinking I could use a new hardware genre to fit (functionality-wise) in between the Pi and the Arduino (I currently use Photon boards for that service niche) - but the price point on the boards I found did not match my niche. Maybe I missed a better deal someplace. Of course it's an apples and oranges comparison since the Photon runs lowly FreeRTOS. Sure would be nice to have someBSD on an MCU.

Maybe someone can do a retro-port for the open-hardware siFive RISC V boards (the FreeBSD foundation page has a blurb about RISC V, but related to current FreeBSD, and not for MCUs). Oh well.