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Replacement of Init System



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Kt said:
I'll hand the microphone to the next poster, this soap box is about to be vacated
Thanks, then we can get back on topic.

My own main concerns with any new init system is that I can also choose from a hundred other, more important tasks to work on. I'd prefer to be free in this without having to worry about this new init system beast coming my way and eating my routines at an unchosen point in the future. I haven't fully thought that out mainly because I hoped that the entire discussion wouldn't come any time soon.

I'd prefer an analysis on the content of what I said rather than being subjected to an arbitrary psychological examination of my character. For example, rather than telling me how stuck I am in my routines and how I am lazy due to my unwillingness to change them, one could also simply describe how to facilitate an init change in a convenient way that does not scare people like me away... the Ball is in your court.

Like I said before: It is mostly because of the tinkering with init in Linux land; because of the many inconsistencies between distributions; because of all the drama evolving from all of this that I moved to FreeBSD! FreeBSD is stable. Changing something that is stable requires substantial effort if it wants to remain stable. Everything not stable should be optional.

Until the dust of the current rise of "the Knights For The New Init" has settled I'd prefer to wait it out and not partake. Personal preference; we all have one.


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"replacement init" ? No. "Tweak the existing init" ? - MAYBE. Those tweaks would need to be -WELL- thought out.. and -WELL- tested before I want them coming anywhere NEAR my boxen.