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Redirect after login



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Are there any options to get this forum to redirect back to where you were when logging in like the old one?
Quite often I come on here logged out, find a post to reply to, and decide to login. After login I get a useless page that says I've logged in successfully, with a link back to the homepage. I then have to browse back through to where I was to find the post I want to reply to. I would much rather it just took me straight back to the last page I was on before I clicked Login.

These are probably issues more with the phpBB software itself than the FreeBSD forums, but I also have a similar niggle when posting a reply; I don't really find the near-blank pages that say 'You've successfully logged in' or 'Your post was successful' of any use. I'd rather just be taken straight back to the last page I was on, or back to the post I just replied to.

Also I miss the thanks button :(
Although gaining thanks was a bit of a novelty, it did help identify the more experienced members of the community (a bit like the reputation scores on StackExchange), and provided a way to thank people for useful information without loads of extra replies.