Other Recover RAID array

Hi there,

This may be a bit of a long-shot, but here goes. Are there any tools to recover a software RAID6 disk-set?

I had 3 disk failures in my raid array, one parity disk is now physically missing. All others I have at my disposal.

Just wondering what the chances are that I would be able to pull anything off the disks and, it's actually a NetApp raid array so are these completely proprietory or would open source tools be able to decipher the raid set?
RAID6 with 3 failed disks - Sorry to say this, but its a definite no.
Your only chance is to revive one of the three disks. Perhaps 1 of them can be (at least partially) read.
With RAID5 one disk can be missing/failing, with RAID6 two disks. If more disks fail the whole RAID set fails.
As others have said the short answer is no.

But the long answer is it depends on how badly your disks have died. If they don't power on or make a loud/clicking type noise then you're probably out of luck unless you take them to a data recovery shop (but the cost will be thousands).

Something similar happened to me where I couldn't mount the HDD under FreeBSD at all and it couldn't participate in the RAID array BUT the drive itself was still partly functional although would occasionally seize up and start clicking.

I was able to clone the old broken drive to a brand new drive of the same type/size and then insert the new drive into the RAID array as if nothing happened. I had a small amount of data corruption but managed to save 99%+ of everything.

If this describes your broken drives then look into cloning. I tried several tools but in the end dd with the "conv=noerror,sync" option worked out great. Although it took me several passes over a few days to complete. Also, try ddrescue as it does the same thing but is easier to use and lets you take multiple passes.