Other Recommendation for WM

I'd like to install a lightweight WM which will easily configure my wi-fi on a ThinkPad X220.

Any recommendations?
There aren't any. There's net-mgmt/wifimgr but it's not part of any specific window manager. There are a few desktop managers (like Gnome) that have a network manager but it usually doesn't work because they all assume you're running Linux.
Note that a "Window Manager" does nothing more than manage windows (frame, widgets, etc). A desktop environment contains a window manager plus an assortment of tools and utilities, like a file manager, network manager, etc.
Basically, I don't know where to start.... I have a ThinkPad X220 (among other ThinkPads) which I'm sure is supported.

I'm looking for 'FreeBSD wi-fi for idiots' guide.