Raspberry Pi (original B) & Mate desktop

Hi All,

I have installed BSD to the Pi by using the image referenced here: http://blog.cochard.me/2013/03/xorg-for-freebsd-on-raspberry-pi.html
I then ran pkg to bootstrap itself, and then installed xorg and after hacking the scfb driver, managed to get X to come up .... I tested with some basic X apps and the horrible TWM window manager ..

(The scfb driver needed a hack to disable the screen depth check for some reason)

I then wanted to install Mate, so installed mate-desktop mate-utils mate-terminal and although the desktop comes up fine, it seems to be missing a window manager ... what one do I install, and why is there not at least a default one as a Mate dependancy ...


EDIT: It seems I needed at least one theme to be installed to see my window borders etc.
Still missing icons though, even after installing mate-icon-theme

Also, does anyone know if an accelerated screen driver is available, ..... soooo slow ....
Not really usable ...
Look in /boot/defaults for the config example and change the kernel hertz value to 2000 in the actual boot.cfg file
I would really doubt a driver called "system console framebuffer" would support your ARM GPU in any accelerated fashion.
I would really doubt a driver called "system console framebuffer" would support your ARM GPU in any accelerated fashion.
Ha, very funny .... I will re-phrase the question: Is there an accelerated GPU driver available in FreeBSD???
The Pi is pretty much useless without it ...
No accelerated drivers for ARM.
I had x11-wm/openbox running with gpsd's xGPS and it seemed swell to me on the BeagleBoneBlack(another ARM board).
Lots of broke ports to navigate around until I found Openbox worked. Limited browser support. Took some setup.
The only ARM platform that offers accelerated drivers is NVidia's Tegra Jetson TK1 offering for Ubuntu that I know of. Maybe some of the Tegra2 chromebooks as well.
No, there are plenty more .... ODROID-C1, ODROID-XU3/4 etc by Debian/Ubuntu/ArchLinux, they all have Mali drivers ..
Raspberry PI-B/2/3 By Debian and others ... and there are many more ...

It is only BSD that is falling behind in this type of support ... and needs to catch up to make in-roads in the Desktop arena ...
Like I say, RaspberryPI-B is totally unusable as a desktop or any sort of graphics without hardware accel GPU.
I would still want it on RPi-2&3 as well ...
Don't get so defensive .... I know all that... I also know that the devs are wanting better desktop support ....

Since you made an incomplete statement about Linux ARM support for GPU hardware , I made an attempt to educate you.
If you don't want educating then fine .... I am only trying to help ...

PS: This thread is about BSD on the DESKTOP not it's server role, which I know is great.
There is a github repository for the Pi GPU ; and, Tinyx/XBMC is available to build.
If someone is willing to compile both for testing on a Raspberry device, then an accelerated graphics driver on a small server/client would be available.