Raspberry Pi kernel

Where is the FreeBSD kernel for the Raspberry Pi?

I see one in /boot/kernel/kernelon the ufs partition of my microSD card, but I'm wondering how it gets loaded.... On the FAT partition there is a u-boot.bin ubldr and ubldr.bin but no kernel. With my build for the GoFlexHome I've found ubldr and ubldr.bin (also a ubldr.pie)
but no u-boot.bin.

Is there any documentation showing how all these files relate to each other and what I need to do to load the kernel? I've got as far as FreeBSD/arm U-Boot loader, Revision 1.2, but it can't find the kernel. What file is the loader looking for and where should it find it?

Google finding some webpage containing outdated and inaccurate information is not a substitute for real world uptodate information as provided by knowledgeable users of this forum. The Wiki lists the following files
A FreeBSD bootable image for Raspberry Pi has both FAT and UFS partitions containing the following files:

[*]FAT Partition
[*]bootcode.bin - First stage boot
[*]start.elf - Second stage boot
[*]config.txt - configuration for start.elf
[*]rpi.dtb - FDT file loaded via config.txt
[*]uboot.bin - Third stage: U-Boot loader
[*]uEnv.txt - configuration file for U-Boot
[*]ubldr - Fourth stage: FreeBSD bootloader

I'm running FreeBSD 12.0 and my FAT Partition contains
23/12/2016  08:21         2,664,088 start.elf
23/12/2016  08:21           567,672 start_cd.elf
23/12/2016  08:21           231,800 ubldr.bin
23/12/2016  08:21            17,900 bootcode.bin
23/12/2016  08:21             6,161 fixup.dat
23/12/2016  08:21           283,886 ubldr
23/12/2016  08:21         3,621,768 start_x.elf
23/12/2016  08:21               103 config.txt
23/12/2016  08:21             9,214 fixup_x.dat
23/12/2016  08:21               607 README
23/12/2016  08:21             2,366 fixup_cd.dat
23/12/2016  08:21             1,447 LICENCE.broadcom
23/12/2016  08:21           301,088 u-boot.bin
23/12/2016  08:21             9,590 rpi2.dtb

Notice any difference?
Version 12 is not a supported version so you should not be surprised with any problems you may incur but my knowledge of using the Raspberry PI stops at the official FreeBSD pages I pointed you to.