Quarterly status reports missing?


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I haven't seen the October-December 2017 or the January-March 2018 quarterly status reports posted as news on the main FreeBSD page, and the official page for status reports doesn't have them either. Also, that page has a headline of "Next Quarterly Status Report submissions (July – September) due: January 14th, 2018" which doesn't make any sense.

Does anyone know what's going on (or a better place to ask?)


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Well, this is still an open-source project.

Unfortunately compiling up the status report takes quite some time - normally you have to actively ask developers to submit their reports (asking them to send updates to their past reports and follow recent development and ask for reports about new projects), help developers who don't have experience with submitting the reports to write and properly format them, then process the individual reports and tune the language and formatting and compile the whole thing and write some introduction.

I was doing that work for during ca. 2009-12 but then I stepped down. Since then it was mostly Gabor Pali in 2013-14 and then Benjamin Kaduk 2014-18 who took over that responsibility and were doing very well. Unfortunately Benjamin doesn't have time for this anymore and, sadly, nobody from developers has volunteered yet to take this responsibility over. So for now the quarterly status reports are basically on hold :(