PXE boot install server

Dear forum members,

At this moment i'm creating an installation server with PXE boot.
I got CentOS and Debian already working and now i'm trying to get FreeBSD working.
I've got the information i need for the install.cfg for an unattended installation but unfortunately i can't find much information regarding the setup of the kernel etc for the PXE boot to work.

I must admit that i'm fairly new to freebsd and that i don't have much experiance with it expect doing a basic install.

The install server is CentOS ( please don't hate me about it :) )

I hope someone can give me a push in the right direction to get it working.

Thanks for your time :)
tingo said:
Somebody has already asked about it in this very forum.
See this thread.

Hi Tingo,

I've already read that topic but i was unable to get it working with the information from that.
That's why i opened this thread.
@electric: well then, start by telling this forum what problems you have (be specific). Just saying "it doesn't work" will not help anyone to help you.