C/C++ pure C programming header file library description LIST.


i want to program in pure C.
Everyone knows the standard C library that comes already with the compiler itself.
But how about extra pure C header libraries such like :
for example , that are in the header of programming code.

Are there any descriptions or books with lists about that extra librabries .h
to have an overview ?

yes , the os have the header libraries.
is there a list or an overview of that optional pure C header libraries ?
or a book. that could help.
There is also another page (linked to by the stb page)


This has a tonne of single header libraries.

You might be interested in this section: https://github.com/nothings/single_file_libs#graphics-2d Though still nothing is quite like the graphics.h from the DOS of old.

However, you might be interested in (n)curses? It should already be on your FreeBSD install. It allows you to draw characters at arbitrary locations. More powerful than conio.h

Check out: https://www.linuxjournal.com/content/getting-started-ncurses
Again, you can do a lot more with C++. In particular, template-based header-only libraries are fairly common. Not so easy to write or use as C only though.