Problem with repeating keys

I haven't been able to use FreeBSD for a while because of computer problems. I have a dell inspiron 15 3000 series. I wish I could give you more but the numbers have rubbed off. I installed FreeBSD but was having too many problems so I burned a new dvd, did my md5sum. No problem. But I have the same problem. Repeating keys. I can't even set my root oasswd so I can't continue. I have an external keyboard that I already tried, no luck, Any suggestions? I really want to start using FreeBSD again.
ok I was finally able to set my passwds with numerous tries but the problem continues.
Some keys or all keys, i.e. could it be something like needing


in /etc/rc.conf (adjusted as desired i.e. the above is wait 250 milliseconds before starting the repeat, then repeat every 45 ms)
Thanks but I'm positive I haven't spilled or eaten anything by it. I fried a notebook by spilling some coffee on it a long time ago. I'll try the repeating key rate as soon as I can figure out how to make install clean nano. I never use vi. We don't get along. :)
Thanks but I had to give up on installing FreeBSD on this computer. It wouldn't recognize my wireless card no matter what I tried. I couldn't my touchscreen to work and I can't remember what else. I didn't want to bother everyone with endless questions.