Solved Problem when loading OS. (efi?)

Hello. Immediately sorry for my English.
I'm having a problem installing FreeBSD.
1. The only possible configuration for starting the installation from DVD (CD) is when the first device is an optical drive. (If you use the quick-boot menu with the F12 key, and do not change the sequence in the BIOS, then all that I see on the screen is



I do not know why so, except as a couple of options.

Briefly, when the optical disk is first in the priority of the boot devices (the keyboard becomes available, otherwise the computer hangs), then I have the opportunity to change the command line using the command
Ok mode 2
Ok boot
And only after that the terminal becomes readable.


Well you did a good job figuring out how to boot with bad video. I am having trouble figuring out your problem?

Use your loader setting(mode 4) and install FreeBSD from disk. At the very end of the installation it will ask if you would like to drop to console post install. You should do that and use an editor and create a /boot/loader.conf with your mode 4 setting. Upon reboot your FreeBSD will launch as expected.

This post has some good hints.