Problem accessin via FTP

Hi, I'm new on FreeBSD, i've installed an FTP using inetd seems to work fine.

I use FileZilla from a windows vista pc and connect to the FTP (works fine), but when i choose a file to transfer it says: Command: STOR 000_0011.jpg
Response: 550 Permission denied.
Error: Critical error

the FTP folder is under /var/ftp/pub

/var/ftp and /var/ftp/pub have chmod 777 and chown ftp:ftp

what i'm missing?

thanks on advance your comments.
Look at the logs for the FTP daemon. The permissions should work, but it might need to be configured to allow users to actually upload files as a precautionary measure for users that just install the FTP daemon and don't actually go back and configure it appropriately.