prefix idea

Don't you think new prefix "HowTo" [and maybe "Guide"] could be useful?

in guide section most threads start these keywords.

But when you look at search results these prefixes would leap out.
They could also be in different color

they could also be sorted. so that HowTo's are on top of Solved, and rest thread are below them
I don't think such a vBulletin plugin exists. And structuring is normally done by making forums for different topics. You can limit your search results to howto.
I don't know whether this makes any sense. The Howto's and guides should all go the the corresponding forum, and nowhere else. Thus, if one is searching for a guide/howto, he can use an advanced search feature and do a search within that forum.

However if people think it's a good idea, I am fine to handle it's addition. Just let me know...
ah forget it.... lol
you can find about what kind of thread it is on right side of search results.... [if you think about looking there]
well guide or howto prefix should be created, because you can include prefix as search criteria, and currently there is only solved.

i will mark my howtos solved until such prefix is implemented
As I said - howtos and guides are supposed to be located in the corresponding forum, and nothing else. Why is it then required to add a new thread prefix?

Mods, what's your opinion on this?
I am mystified about what you are trying to achieve. Why does every thread in the howto forum need to be marked as a howto (it wouldn't be in the howto forum if it wasn't)? And what do you gain by marking howtos as solved?

Threads often start as a problem or question. Later they might turn into a solution, that's what the solved prefix is for, to mark threads that have made this transition. Howtos don't go through such a transition.