Solved Poudriere fetching jails fails

When trying to create a Poudriere jail fetching fails:
# poudriere jail -c -m http -v 10.2-RELEASE -a i386 -j 10_2i386
[00:00:00] ====>> Creating 10_2i386 fs... done
fetch: Not Found
fetch: Not Found
[00:00:01] ====>> Error: Failed to fetch from
[00:00:01] ====>> Error while creating jail, cleaning up.

When looking at the directory tree there is no /ftp but /pub on the host.
Where can this be patched?
Please submit a PR so this can be fixed for everyone.
I am pretty sure that poudriere jail -c -j 10amd64 -v 10.2-STABLE which I have in my notes worked a few weeks ago beside one item. I think I have had to replace 10.2-STABLE to 10.2-RELEASE or so because at this time the system was already on 10.3-PRERELEASE. As far as I remember the default mode is not http but ftp and the achitecture is different compared to the first post, but I had nothing to re-write.