Post your background music while coding.

I can't do this at work without driving others nuts but at home I usually have NPR (news radio) on as well as some music! Anyone else do this? Normally I listen to pretty much anything and everything. When writing code or when thinking about design I usually listen to stuff like space music, Western classical, old renaissance music, Indian classical (more Hindustani than Carnatic, usually instrumental) etc. etc. Anything slow and repetitive! Examples:

While debugging I tend to play faster music for some reason.
That's a big PA for two guitars! Love the ragas...
Interesting mix. I'm all over the place, sometimes traditional bagpipes, some Jimi H, Led Zep, The Who, ELO, AeroSmith, but almost any Classic Rock (more guitars the better).

What is even better is to look up "reaction videos" on your favorites. Say "reaction videos great gig in the sky" brings me back to "how did I feel when I first heard this"
depends on how concentrate I have to be
either total silence, or jazz

While doing the household I listen to audio books, or comedy.
For playing shooters I recommend try out classical opera (Verdi, Händel, Wagner,...)
My wife listens to the Murder Channel and the Autopsy Channel when she is cleaning the house.
I am with the guy above... I prefer the sound of fans.