portsnap port branch?

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This is general question, answer onto it I did not find both in handbook and config file /etc/portsnap.conf.

What branch of ports used in portsnap in FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE?

Is it 'quarterly' or more recent?

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It is always the head branch when you use portsnap(8), no effort has been made to allow different branches based on the FreeBSD version used. This is because the servers would have to build additional data file sets in addition to the single one is now built for head.
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Can it be used on one system both svn and portsnap for ports used?

For example svn with is of 'quarterly' branch along with portsnap?

This is just question from theory.
As far as I know, no. Portsnap will complain that target directory isn't product of portsnap extract. However having already downloaded ports using svn, why not to continue using it also for upgrades?
I'm fresh to FreeBSD, so I'm just collecting information for main principles and analyzing that.

It is clear for me now, that newbe should better chose from the begining what method for port update he will use, either portsnap or svn.

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