Play WAV from the command line

I'm looking for programs that play WAV files from the command line. I found `wavplay` already. I'm wondering if there are other programs that can be used to play WAV files, possibly something that is already bundled with OSS.
ffplay, included with ffmpeg I think, but I could be wrong. My favorite media player is mpv, which will play wav from the command line as well as most other formats it's given.
Try audio/moc, nice command line audio player with playlist support (also it can play in background!).

To enable WAV support, you need to build it from source

Also it can be customized (themes, settings, etc) via configuration file:
cp /usr/local/share/doc/moc/config.example ~/.moc/config
I tried out mplayer2 and it plays WAV's from the command line with standard pkg install mplayer2, so that works out.

I don't think the base sound system has an audio player.
I'm a fan of ALSA so would use aplay file.wav.
Thanks to everybody for the suggestions! I've tried several and many fit the bill perfectly. I've been unable to make aplay work, it exits with the following error:
Assertion failed: (err >= 0), function set_params, file aplay.c, line 1353.
Aborted by signal Abort trap..
there is a note of the same error here: