The latest releases of KDE Software -- in particular KDE Plasma 5 Desktop -- are not yet available in FreeBSD ports. However, the unofficial ports tree, area51, does have ports for KDE Frameworks 5, KDE Plasma 5, and KDE Applications. There are also unofficial packages available (see the area51 documentation for details).
There is avaliable any official information, about tried to port Plasma5 for FreeBSD? Fundation work on it?
Area51 is unofficial, i tried to install but for some reason not working well. I was asking, if someone stricte from BSD project working for port KDE5. I thing if they cant do it, or support for Xorg is step by step dropping.
If you use area51 you should use everything related with KDE, including xorg, from area51 repo and not from FreeBSD repo. Anyway, IIRC, it is supported by IX Systems.

You can always take a look on how it is going on #kde-freebsd.

EDIT: in other words, when they finish the KDE5 port at area51, it will be merged in the official repo.