Pkg installation fails

Hello, I'm new in FreeBSD and I'm experiencing problems installing pkg(8), the shell tells me it can't find the mirror package installation and suggests that you install via ports in /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/pkg with make install clean, but when I try to install the csh suggests another way something like /usr/ports/distfiles , I don't understand, I'm using FreeBSD 11.0 RELEASE, sorry to novice but I'm loving learning FreeBSD and really would love to master it.
Please post the whole error, not your interpretation of it.
Is your network set up correctly? If it's the error I'm thinking of it happens either when there is no network, or /etc/resolv.conf is incorrect.

Sorry everyone.I'm using Vmware and I am not able to insert the mouse within the FreeBSD, so I had to upload the image. I want to use the FreeBSD natively but still don't have the balls to do this.
Hello and welcome.

Actually the original post shows one error. In FreeBSD 11.0, pkg (8) is installed by default.
See Handbook section 4.4.1
If you have an internet connection it should be ready to use. Start by updating and upgrading your new install.
The "No address record" indicates you either don't have a network connection or your DNS settings are incorrect.