pkg check

Today I run:
pkg check -d -n -a
Checking all packages: 100%
octave has require a missing libraries:
octave has require a missing libraries:
opencv-core has require a missing libraries:
py27-numpy has require a missing libraries:
I did check and all libraries are installed. I use pkg upgrade -f for each one but it is the same.
Thank you.
I did write some time ago on another thread about this problem. The issue is that pkg(8) is unnecessarily strict about what is a shared library and it will not register some otherwise perfectly working shared libraries as such unless the libraries are tagged in their ELF headers with the so called SONAME tag that states the name of the library.
The annoying part here is the resulting package will still be installed, registered, then finds and uses the correct library anyway if it exists, which it usually does, causing confusion like this when # pkg check is run by a user as above.

I wonder how many of the libraries in the ports tree are missing the tag.