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pkg(8) is now the only package management tool

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From bapt@

The ports tree has been modified to only support pkg(8) as package management system for all supported version of FreeBSD.

if you were still using pkg_install (pkg_* tools) you will have to upgrade your system.

The simplest way is

cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/pkg
make install

then run


You will have lots of warning, don’t be scared, they are expected, pkg_* databases used to get easily mangled. pkg2ng is most of the time able to deal
with it.

If however you encounter a problem then please report to pkg@FreeBSD.org

A tag has been applied to the ports tree if you need to get the latest ports tree before the EOL of pkg_install:


A branch has been created if some committers want to provides updates on the for pkg_install users:


Please note that this branch is not officially maintained and that we strongly recommend that you do migrate to pkg(8)
Not open for further replies.