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phpBB3 installation hang-up

Discussion in 'Installation and Maintenance of Ports or Packages' started by Aaron_VanAlstine, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Aaron_VanAlstine

    Aaron_VanAlstine New Member

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    I am trying to install phpBB3 from ports. I am running my own server on FreeBSD 7.2 using a domain name registered with go.daddy. Using ddclient and my DynDNS account for hostname resolution. I have installed MySQL, php5, apache22, etc.

    config.php exists in /usr/local/www/phpBB3 and it is empty. I'm serving up web pages just fine. When I open http://hostname.us/phpbb (using my actual working URL) in the browser, all I get is a blank window. There should be an install tab to finish the configuration process.

    The phpBB documentation doesn't address this; it just assumes you get the install tab and can proceed from there. Any ideas?