php segfaulting



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'portdowngrade libxml2' to 2.7.6 released 10 Oct 2009 fixed
Segmentation fault (core dumped)


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But this is not entirely correct, because IMHO changes in libxml in order to catch the wrong ports. For example: today corrected mhash. Now I'm waiting for postgresql. :)


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since the thread is no longer active and it seems the issues are fixed (at least I don't have any issues with the mix of libxml2, php and postgres) I'm going to close the PR I opened tomorrow.


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The exact same thing happened on my server again today. I updated my libxml2 port to "libxml2-2.7.6_1" and the php-segfaults started again. This update was pending since March 18th, I figured it was working fine because I didn't see any new posts in this topic over the last few days, but it still isn't working for me.

Again the fix provided by Giraya worked for me, the same code is still causing the same problem on my server.


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We've encountered this problem as well and Giraya's work around fixes it for us as well. The question I have about this then is, the port maintainer thought it wise to include that code in the patch-configure file. What are the trade offs to my system if I alter how libxml2 behaves with threading? This problem seems widely replicable and easily fixed, yet someone must have thought it a good idea to build the port as it is built...?