pecl-APCu with PHP7/7.1

I'm wondering if there is a way for me to get APCu support for PHP7/7.1 in FreeBSD 11.1, since the existing version only supports PHP 5.6. I see a pecl-APCu in ports (version 5.1.8?) but I'm unable to compile it because it seems to want Perl5-5.24.2 and the current version is Perl5-24.1_1. Curious if anyone got this working and what they did. Thanks!
Update your system so you actually have Perl 5.24.2. For building against PHP 7.0 or 7.1 add to /etc/make.conf
Then build devel/pecl-APCu. The default PHP version is 5.6 at this time. So anything that depends on PHP will be built against 5.6. You can change this default using DEFAULT_VERSIONS in /etc/make.conf. See /usr/ports/Mk/ for more information.
Is this make.conf file something I have to add to my system? I don't see it in /etc or /usr/local/etc. I wound up having to build 5.24.2 from ports, the current version in FreeBSD 11.1 is still 5.24.1_1
Yup you're right! I got 5.24.2 from ports and continued to compile pecl-APCu, but I think I'm going to recompile it because I jumped the gun and my system MAY have compiled for PHP 5.6 as you say it would be, so even though it's enabled it probably isn't being utilized