Package segfaults ( core dump)


This is my first thread. I am considering to install FreeBSD as the OS of my laptop, replacing Arch Linux. Prior to do this, I've decided to give it a try, in a Virtualbox VM. Configured everything, so, I have a desktop with applications running in my VM. I do need some packages though, which do not exist in ports, so far I have take the clues from porters handbook, and managed to build some of them, I will eventually automate the process using poudriere.

One package though, despite building, it segfaults... I am speaking of Calculix, an engineering simulation pkg for finite elements analysis. When I launch the preprocessor ( a graphical app) it segfaults, with core dump. Same thing happens whether I use pkg install, or build form ports.

It happens in FreeBSD Current 10.3, in GhostBsd 10.3, or in FreeBSD 11. Other graphical packages run fine, like gimp, digikam, xgrace...

Can someone give me a hint on how to solve this... ??

Best regards,