p0f3 question on current OS fingerprinting

Hello Fellow FreeBSD users. Can you please help??

Does anyone know if p0f can detect Windows 10, Windows 11, Amazon Fire, XBOX ONE, Smartphones, iPads yet? It seems the last item it can detect on p0f v3 3.09b is Windows XP, It still lists Palm Pilot inside of pFsense currently in version 23.05. I was checking out NMAP Network Scanning by Gordan "Fyodor" and it seems they can detect the newer OS versions. Does anyone have a couple of the newer fingerprints for Windows 11, 10 and the popular iMac OS X versions? Keep in mind pFsense runs on top of FreeBSD, I thought I would ask as this discussion seems very knowledgeable on p0f.

Thanks in advance.


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This is the current p0f.fp database that is used under pFsense 23.05 as of May 29 2023
It does not show Windows 10 or 11 or any updated OS p0f is starting to show its age. Does anyone have any updated signatures that would work with this? It seems abandoned. I got p0f to install on 13.1-RELEASE to get this database.


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running p0f -i (intrface)

Example 4:63+1:0:1460:65228,7:mss,nop,ws,sok,ts: :0
this is freeBSD 13.12