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kpedersen said:
Ok, I built OpenCDE on an amd64 8.0-RELEASE system and it seemed to work perfectly. This suggests that something installed on your setup is conflicting with the panel. Do you use hald, or do you use Option "AutoAddDevices" "False" in your xorg.conf?

I have added the amd64 binaries to the opencde downloads section, so my seggestion to to try them out. Perhaps you built wxWidgets (wxMotif) with the --screwup-after-a-few-clicks option...

Oh, uh, I'll try it without that option next time ;)

I use the Option "AutoAddDevices" "False". I'll fiddle with it a little to-day using your dtpanel idea. Thanks, by the way.



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kpedersen said:
If there are any errors, they should show up on standard output (I think that goes to /var/log/message), but have a look using (ctrl-alt-f1) next time it freezes.

The majority of fatal errors should show up in a message dialog and then just abort the current event handler so OpenCDE *should* be pretty robust.

If you have time, use .xinitrc to...

[opencde path]/bin/dtwm &

and then manually start [opencde path]/bin/dtpanel using xterm.

and tell me any errors that come up in the xterm. Also let me know if it is trying to take input in the xterm (as that is the only way I know it can freeze like that whilst using sudo in the shutdown / restart functions).

Thanks for your help! (also in desktop 3 and 4 you should see your background :p)

Best Regards

I get
$HOME/opencde/bin/../bin/mwmext: bad desktop number '0'
when I try to start dtpanel manually and no window decorations, no panel.

Whoops, my bad, I was trying to start dwm not dtwm. Duh.

It still refuses to accept input after some arbitrary number of clicks without printing any excuses.


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Yeah there is no port yet, but since OpenCDE is primarily developed on FreeBSD, it should all compile quite easily.

I predict that making a port might be quite tricky because of the fact that I am using suid bit binaries (dtauth) to run admin tasks (rather than a daemon such as dbus/hald etc...) so I am not sure how FreeBSD ports/packages allow that (I know OpenBSD complains)

Currently I am working hard on my university dissertation, but once this is finished, there will be many improvements in OpenCDE and it's port.


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Does it work with openmotif from the ports or you recommend compiling the latest from them? Does that itself have any particular dependencies?