Open URL from fluxbox menu

I try to make my fluxbox menu, to open with chrome a specific URL. How to do it? Xdg-open was a option but xdg-open don't recognize chrome. Any idea?
Ok. Now xdg-open understand chrome :)
xdg-open 'http://localhost:631'
is opening chrome but not cups
From terminal I get this error:
xdg-open 'http://localhost:631'
Created new window in existing browser session.
[1214/153048:WARNING:base/] Don't know how to do this
[99717:54874112:44844338134:ERROR:chrome/browser/] write: Connection reset by peer
Does it open in chrome if you simply write that in Address bar?
xdg-open is really very stupid sh script, so it is not it's fault....
Well, sorry I can't help you here. I don't have chrome, I don't even understand why anyone on FreeBSD use it (unless they are subscribed)
Well, sorry I can't help you here.
Never mind. You helped me on the first step witch was the hard part. I will find a solution. I guess :p
I don't know why. I love chrome better that Firefox and is just simple. Have not a lot of button, boxes etc like opera :)
Did you find a solution yet? If you have flux and xterm you can make a menu entry to open anything.

I use something like

[exec] (Config Printer) {xterm -e "firefox http://localhost:631"}

That will work for anything in flux.

You can make a menu item "that needs sudo" to mount usb drives that way even.
[exec] (Mount USB drive FAT) {xterm +sb -T "MOUNT USB DRIVE" -g 40x10 -bg blue -fg white -e sudo xterm -e "mount -t msdosfs /dev/da0s1 /home/teckk/usb"}

That's not a typo. xterm opens, waits for sudo password, xterm -e runs the executable.

[exec] (Unmount USB drive) {xterm +sb -T "UNMOUNT USB DRIVE" -g 40x10 -bg blue -fg white -e sudo xterm -e "umount /home/teckk/usb"}

[exec] (Sleep) {xterm +sb -T "****  Sleep  ****" -g 40x10 -bg yellow -fg black -e sudo acpiconf -s3}