On-screen keyboard?


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Not sure if this is the correct place but I'm looking for on-screen keyboards.

I use a vnc viewer on my pda to control my workstation. I'm using vnc because I can change the resolution it runs on to match my pda without touching the (running) real desktop. But if I run the vncviewer on my pda full screen I can't access the pda's keyboard. Means I can't 'type' anything :stud

I've tried GOK but it refused to run on a vncserver session. I've tried Matchbox too as it's supposed to have a build-in on-screen keyboard. Matchbox itself worked fine, just couldn't find or activate it's build-in keyboard. Even when running it directly on my workstation. The configure output did say it was turned on. Never found it.

I had considered XDMCP too but couldn't find an X server for Windows Mobile :e

Any other suggestions or ideas?
Sorry I just read your post, and hope you solved your problem if not:
xvkbd it's in the ports and works great!
or gok but it depends on gnome.