Okular install dependencies


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I have installed KDE 5.67 framework alongside Xfce DE with the purpose to pick a limited selection of KDE 19.12 Apps to install on my FreeBSD 12.1 desktop.
No problems with all my picks except one - okular.
Surprise, surprise!
Okular depends on akonadi: 19.12.2_1 - mysql57-server: 5.7.29_1. relation.
However by design Okular is not an akonadi enabled application.
Of course I can forcefully deinstall akonadi & mysql57 through breaking dependencies and lock okular from further updates, but its an ugly workaround.

My questions are: Is this akonadi-mysql dependency for okular a bug, or an intended one. If the latter case - why?


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If you install akonadi from ports you may choose the database backend between mysql, pgsql and sqlite.