Solved Nvidia Optimus question


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Branch: 11.1-Release
VGA: Intel graphics HD 620
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1) My laptop can only boot FreeBSD with Legacy (Bios) mode
2) No BIOS option to disable one of the graphics adapters
3) Intel graphics card is a Kabylake, so doesn't work on 11.1-Release
4) Using only x11-drivers/xf86-video-vesa works
5) Using only x11/nvidia-driver works, but with movement freezing

If I use x11-drivers/xf86-video-vesa and x11/nvidia-driver simultaneously, then it is possible to have a satisfactory performance with movement and video performance?

Thanks in advance!


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Yes, one driver per card. The Intel driver is for the Intel graphics card (builtin on the CPU) and the Nouveau driver is for the NVidia card. As you only have one active card you can only have one active driver. Optimus is still quite problematic, you can use one or the other card, not both. But besides that there's another problem too, the NVidia driver replaces some Xorg libraries and the Intel (or vesa) driver expects the original Xorg libraries. This issue doesn't happen with the Nouveau driver because it doesn't need to replace those Xorg libraries.