nodejs needs some of us


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Says something about the developers that they're still using clunky mailing lists in 2020 instead of a well organized community. Do they even know about javascript?



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Says something about the developers that they're still using clunky mailing lists in 2020 instead of a well organized community.

Well, actually they do withdraw into well isolated communities (NOT related to this specific piece of software). I notice that by not being able to reach them in any way, and by ready-made fixed for identified bugs being strictly ignored.
(I'm not sure if the thereby intended reaction is to become a customer of that MakeMoneyFast corporation which happens to run the "community".)


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Yeah... that's the way to get help....

How do you get www/node running as a server? That's what I've come here to learn.


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Looks like it's similarly done as Python's Flask or Ruby's WEBRick.


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It's easy to do and, when I wake up more, I'll post an example.

EDIT: Well, here's an example that's good enough.
That too is a separate program.

Does someone want to write and test the program which starts node.js? If so, I'll write and commit the port which installs and runs it.

Why? Because I want this at work.

Or, it might be sufficient just to take that example and put it into files/node and have that be our rc.d script. It would be better as a small separate project.

BBS, I'll ask around.


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Maybe I'm misremembering but node does not run by itself and must be used by an external javascript program as shown in my link. I always had to start my programs first which called node like a library.


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I think it's going to depend if you want to run your node.js application as a daemon or specifically as a web service. I can image some node.js app just running in the background handling files or something similar without the need for a web interface. As it's rather difficult to predict how future node applications are used it's going to be difficult to make a "generic" service handler for it.

Similarly you can create a daemon or web application in Perl, Python or Ruby but none of these languages provide a rc(8) script. Basically, the service start scripts belong to the specific application, not the language handler itself.



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the general impression from Your description is: this software is mostly of interest to commercial people, i.e. those interested in making money.
So, it might be unwise to put effort into that issue

Even the subproletarian class of software developers sometimes needs to earn some money to
eat, live, pay the bills. Yet, every time I heard that I ask myself: I'm a Computer Scientist. I do understand why a business person would relate with and care for market issues and, as the title suggests, these people should know well why do I care science first and foremost. Yes, of course we disagree: our very essence are not the same. Core of our beings. Still, we can understand and be polite with each other, but, like I said, I have to ask:

What is wrong with being a CS and running a bakery??

I'd make my livings and have no need to bend under market demands. Why everyone arguing that point always do it as if we had to make money out of computers and nothing else? I could very well be a farmer, public officer... or have a bakery.

(BTW, I don't have a bakery: I'm climbing the path to earn my livings as a Professor while doing research --- people so often forget that's an option too)

However, it is a pity that in this forum often the important topics are missed.
Whether a topic is important or not sounds like a personal matter to me, rather than something objectively measurable without first agreeing upon criteria --- which, of course, ain't likely to happen.

What nowadays tends to be called "developer", especially under the "agile" aegis - well, politeness forbids me to say what I think about these tendencies.
Import, Call, Import, Call, Import, Call... until you develop the final product, or a very strong headache. See? Developers either way.

(...)think of Kant's categorical imperative universality test(...)
What you described wasn't the imperatives themselves, but the procedure employed on testing maxims so that they're made a categorical imperative or not.
Not that I think it matters anyway, for Immanuel Kant was a genius in epistemology but not that much in ethics --- where belongs all those categorical imperative/universality stuff, I'm not a fan of deontological ethics myself.

pieces that are mainly targeted to commercial use have a tendency to be boring, and no fun to play with.
Not to mention manysometimes way worse than "boring"...

the industry tends to prefer the most marketable thing over the technologically best, and the market is easily deluded
Now apply this to the Universality Test and we'll get a world lacking science, proper emphasis on it, therefore with a plethora of trouble (even SarS-CoV-2 perhaps?).

Ucmp all that being said, I think I got your point: this thread was meant to anyone willing to help, not so much to discuss the topic.
I can't speak on PMc behalf but, whereas I find your effort laudable, I'm not sure the community is that interested in the issue at hand.

To my personal evaluation, FreeBSD still tops the list, on par with Solaris maybe and only. Notice the devs make effort as wide as possible to be more accessible and flexible. However, sooner or later, choices will be made regarding what is wanted as wanted, and what is considered priority. There is no free-lunch. And I may be wrong about this, but NodeJS is hardly a priority in this sense. Rather, it is something they really care to make do and work the best way possible. As part of that widening, but not as a top priority. And AFAIK there's the issue of NodeJS being not part of system itself.

Yes, we may disagree with some points, but doesn't mean I tried to belittle or discourage you. Just remind you of that points. NodeJS ain't entering my system anyway, I see no reason for nitpicking around.

Well, that's a fairly old thread and I have no idea of how things are going but wish you good luck (but think about the bakery).