No shut down choice

Hi! Every one:

FreeBSD 7.1-release installed on atom 330 motherboard. When I click
System -> Shutdown, the available operations are:

Suspend + Hibernate + Cancel.

No shutdown at all. Even there's a sentence said to me:

This system will be automatically shut down in 60 second.

But actually, nothing happen.

Why and how?

Gnome needs HAL too.. Not sure about the shutdown but for mounting CDs a user must be a member of the operator group.
Hi all,

I've got a similar problem.

I upgraded to Gnome 2.24. dbus and hald are running and my user is member of wheel.

When I choose shutdown nothing happens. It worked fine under 2.22

Any ideas?
I was having this problem also. Reinstalling gnome-session didn't work for me.

I noticed that /usr/local/etc/rc.d/hald has:

# REQUIRE: DAEMON usbd devd dbus moused

Then I remembered adding these lines to /etc/rc.conf based on the 20090123 entry in /usr/ports/UPDATING:


So, I took these lines out and I get all the buttons on the shutdown dialog now. I haven't tested them all yet, but this is progress.