No OSS audio with mpv-0.25

I am using mpv-0.25.0,1 on 11-STABLE, and I have no problems with OSS audio output. I can choose a different /dev/dsp* device using --oss-device without any issues.
The only line in my mpv.conf is profile=opengl-hq.

I read your post too quickly. I only recently discovered mpv, so I haven't tried <0.25. However, I can confirm that both mpv -ao oss:device=/dev/dspX and mpv --ao=oss:device=/dev/dspX fails on my machine.
mpv --ao=oss --audio-device=/dev/dspX doesn't fail, but it's just outputting on the default device rather than the one specified. mpv --oss-device=/dev/dspX results in the intended behavior.
Thanks for looking at it. It turns out that mpv removed the drc filter. My config file included af=drc and this doesn't work in 0.25. With that line removed --oss-device worked as expected.