No Icon For Google Earth on Taskbar

I am using Fedora 24 with Gnome 3.20 . As such I used Tweak Tool to create a bottom of screen Taskbar. On this Taskbar I have an Icon for all running Applications. All of my Apps position an Icon on this bar but NOT Google Earth. I have GE 7.1.8 installed and working fine. When invoked I get a 'blank' icon an not the proper icon which should be there. I have an Icon on the Favorites list and also in my list of installed apps when I look at them on screen. Where are the Icons located for Running Apps? I looked under ~/.local/share/applications/ and there is nothing by way of either 'icon' (.png file) nor ' desktop file '. What is wrong with this situation? By the way it has never worked since installed. I want to fix this if I can. Thanks for any help you might provide. PS the second to last in the picture is what I see for Google Earth.


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