NIC interface names

How does FreeBSD assign NIC interface names?

I installed FreeBSD on a USB stick in a ThinkPad and the NIC interface was named em0. When I put that USB stick in a different system, networking does not work, presumably becaus em0 does not get assigned. The new system uses an RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller. How can I tell what the interface should be called?

An additional problem is that the leftmost three character on the screen are cut off from the actual screen so I can't properly read the output of commands.

I might be able to sort out networking if I was able to start bsdinstall with just the networking configuration, but know how to do that.
pciconf -lv will show the ethernet adapter used.
I have several different ethernet adapters on my USB Install and comment them in or out of my /etc/rc.conf depending on the machine.

Realtek uses the "re0" moniker.