NFS client seems to cause a kernel panic on macOS

Hi there,

I have the official FreeBSD-11.0 Vagrant virtual machine on a macOS Sierra 10.12.3 with VirtualBox 5.1.14 (Vagrant 1.9.2). In macOS I have nfsd exporting a shared folder, and FreeBSD is mounting that folder as client.

Unfortunately macOS crashes and reboots (kernel panic). It seems happening after a while, when the client (FreeBSD) is writing something in the shared folder.

I'm using NFSv3 and the mount options are: 'rw', 'async','vers=3','tcp','nolockd', 'intr', 'soft'.

I'm wondering if others have this very same issue and if it could be a problem caused by FreeBSD, or something bad happening on macOS side.

Other information are available in this thread:

I also reported this to Vagrant issue tracker:
I'm going to report the bug also to Apple.

Thank for your help.


Lord Gordon