Nextcloud + Collabora on FreeBSD

Hi folks,

Someone here was able to run Collabora on FreeBSD?

Sorry for the thread necro, but I believe that this may help some people:

I did not attempt to install Collabora after I saw the complexity, but ONLYOFFICE is a fully functional replacement in Nextcloud and installed quite easily:

0.) Remove Collabora Server and App in Nexcloud

1.) Install the Linux compatibility layer as per the FreeBSD documentation: Linux Binary Compatibility - only the basic configuration in "10.2" is needed, "10.2.1" onwards can be ignored for this purpose.

2.) Install ONLYOFFICE as per the blog page from Nextcloud: Install ONLYOFFICE in Nextcloud

3.) For good measure, reboot the server

DONE! You can now open, read and edit office documents in Nextcloud on FreeBSD.

Notes: this was done on FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE with Nextcloud 22.0.0 and ONLYOFFICE (Linux) version 7.1.2