Solved Need to upgrade FreeBSD 11.0-RC1 in next 4 days?

Over this last weekend began fresh install of the FreeBSD 11.0-RC1. Built the new system carefully, without base-debugging nor kernel-debugging. Periodically I would see a prompt message urging me to upgrade 11.0-RC1 in the next 5-days, 4-days, and tomorrow will say in next 3-days. Each time I ran this:
# freebsd-update -r 11.0-RC2 upgrade

I paraphrase the response: ...No mirrors...FAILED. If I am not lucky enough to get connected with a mirror,
should I just wait for End-of-Life, and start a brand new bare-metal install when 11.0-RELEASE is ready?
11.0-RC2 seems to be slightly delayed at present.

It will be released when it is released. Subscribe to freebsd-announce to get announcements, otherwise keep checking the schedule page.

You should be able to upgrade from -RC* to -RELEASE without major issues. Doing a completely clean reinstall is up to you, and really depends on what the history of the existing install is.
bookwormep, I think the surprisingly short life-cycle of the BETA and RC releases is to indirectly inform the system administrator that a new release version is soon to come and the upgrade should be done promptly. With the proper -RELEASE version you won't be seeing things like this for months :).

Murphy, thanks for letting us know. I thought the next version would already be -RELEASE proper. I too am using 11.0-RC1 and thus far things are working great.
The system I've built seems to run remarkably well. So kudos to the developers, beta-testers, and everyone on this new upcoming release. I will test a few more builds, and wait for the best! Question is answered.