C/C++ Need the source code to: libj2d-gtk-linux-i386-2.0.0.so

I am exploring jaspersoft studio ce and the eclipse plugin thereof. My trials so far have led to libj2d-gtk-linux-i386-2.0.0.so which appears to be an SWT-to-native GTK library written some time ago and which appears (to me) to be the only non-portable component. But I cannot seem to find the source. I thought I had run across it on sourceforge but the "source" files only included the shared library itself and not the code thereof. The actual file name of the source from which the library is built appears to be: GtkGraphics2DFactory.c. But I have had no luck locating it.

Can anyone provide me with a reference to a reachable location for the code?
I found J2D4SWT on Sourceforge. https://sourceforge.net/projects/holongate/. But after manually going through the archives I was unable to locate GtkGraphics2DFactory.c. Nothing shows up on Google either. This thing is used in numerous places and projects. I found reference to rebuilding it at https://jacavi.de/ticket/70 but cannot locate the source.
This looks long abandoned. Long enough to refactor and remove any dependency on it from the software in question. Which version of Jaspersoft Studio are you trying to use?
Found it with some help from SO. The source is contained in /org.holongate.eclipse.j2d.gtk_0.5.0/jni/ contained in https://sourceforge.net/projects/ho....holongate.eclipse.j2d.gtk_0.5.0.zip/download . Well, sort of. It is an earlier version. But it is a start.

The library is used by jaspersoft-studio-ce-6.16.0_ce and is located at ./jaspersoft-studio-ce-6.16.0_ce/com.jaspersoft.studio/libnative/Linux/64bit/libj2d-gtk-linux-i386-2.0.0.so. It is also found in /usr/local/share/eclipse/plugins/com.jaspersoft.studio_6.16.0.final.jar and is likely the reason that the eclipse plugin does not install (or would work if it did).