Need help... Newbie for unix

Hi guys, i'm new for unix and linux....
Need help to get started, i only ever use windows so i have no idea about freeBSD...
I only can do log in and then i don't know what to do next coz no gui at all
Please help me....
do you want a server or desktop?
do you have data backup for the configurations you will do?
/bin/rm -iv (file) # means delete file
man 7 security # reading up about hardening the system
more details at,, many others which
have more details anyone can give here.
I want a desktop, just like usual pc for an end-user
Can someone help me to install and gnome in freebsd 7.1?
So i can get some interface... It will makes things a lot easier ^^
Thx for the replies...
Go to this link, choose the appropriate download link for your architecture & download, burn the .ISO to disc and follow the installer's instructions.

Make sure you choose what to install, when presented the option. If Gnome is desired, make sure gnome and gdm are check marked.
Freebsd is not easy to use and i would recommend that you first read the handbook. Also a lot excellent books exist about Freebsd.
sniper007 is need to get some books and/or read the handbook, you'll have too may questions for this forum to handle.

I'd recommend...

Absolute FreeBSD: The Complete Guide to FreeBSD, 2nd Edition by Michael W. Lucas
Hi aldo_gani, all of us experienced what you now ;) FreeBSD is a little bit different compared to Windows, so here is what I did: I've read the handbook, at least the installation, X11 section and ports section. Give it a shot and if anything, feel free to ask. Welcome to FreeBSD :)
vermaden said:
Better start with PCBSD which is FreeBSD 7.1 + KDE (unfortunelly) + PBI packages.

I'm not a fan of KDE, but had I been then PC-BSD possibly could have been the perfect OS...for the moment.
Why the dislike for KDE/Qt? I can see preferring one over the other, but it's not like either side of the gnome+gtk/kde+qt debate is especially bad anymore.