Need help building kwboot

Can someone help me build kwboot? It's probably very simple for anyone used to building programs...

I have the src and the required header

Running or gcc kwboot.c or cc kwboot.cproduces an a.out but I'm not sure how to make an executable. Running make kwboot fails with a linker error which I don't understand.
Actually, a.out is the executable. Just rename it to kwboot and it's ready to go: mv a.out kwboot.

In the future, gcc -o <executable name> <source file> will give you an executable with the name you want without the extra step.
fetch seems to require some authentication.
So how about you use git and pull the whole project down.
git clone /u-boot

This will download the entire LeMaker u-boot project to a directory on your computer named /u-boot.
You will probably need more than just header files from here.

If you don't have git installed on your computer download it with pkg install git.
gcc -o kwboot kwboot.c
Whilst it builds OK it doesn't actually work as expected... I had to resort to using a Linux version on Ubuntu - :(