Can net/nc/ be used as a FreeBSD equivalent of Linux's [URL='']netconsole[/URL] for monitoring a remote system booting via U-Boot?
Cannot answer your question, but I like and use comms/ser2net every day. It's very simple, just add e.g. to /usr/local/etc/ser2net.conf:
and you can connect via telnet on port 2000 and even login. Of course, make sure to use your particular serial port device node instead of /dev/ttyU0.
I can't see how this would work... I want to monitor my GoFlexHome unit booting up but can't connect to it via a serial cable. nc provides a way of doing that over the LAN. U-Boot is set up to output boot msgs over IP to a specified IP address.
Actually.... just tried
nc -l -u 6666

and it worked !!!!

And net/nc is actually built into FreeBSD's base system and didn't need to be installed.